ASD Potty training baby steps

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I had Joshua stay home today due to his cold, instead of going to church.  Bryan and Rachel stayed home as Rachel was also sick.  Before leaving, I gave Joshua a kiss and said “Bye, bye.  I love you!”  I was thrilled to hear Joshua reply with an “I love you”, before leaving.  I think we are turning a corner.  I attempted, more out of necessity, putting Joshua in underwear this evening while Bryan was out with the girls.  He did pretty well, but cried when he wet, not liking to be uncomfortable.  He really cried when he had a poop.  I need to learn more about potty training autistic kids, and quick as I think his not liking to get messy in his pants is a good thing.  Due to his anti-biotic, he has now developed diarrhea so he felt much better once I gave him a bath.  Another thing he started doing is actually responding to my attempts to cleaning his room again.  He will put the toys in the bin when I hand them to him.  Consistency will be vital.  The house is such a mess right now due to sick kids that we will all have to be working on that one!

Something funny happened this evening, as well.  I was working in Joshua and Michael’s room, organizing in the closet and didn’t hear Joshua.  I called for him, and he didn’t answer, which is not out of the ordinary.  I checked the kitchen and saw a chair leading to the counter and the cabinet that holds the raisins.  I went around to the living room and heard a noise.  There Joshua was, sitting on the floor with raisins all around, having a grand feast.  Perhaps that contributed to the diarrhea, too, but it was more than likely his anti-biotic causing to that!  He is quite the determined and resourceful kid.  That trait will take him far.  We just need to channel it in the right direction.

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