Alternative Therapies Help Kids Recover

I have watched shows on autism where the conventional approaches to treatment are touted due to their scientific proof that they work, which they certainly do tremendous good.  The discussion usually goes along the lines that more energies should be put into those type of therapies (ABA, Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapies).  In fact, in most cases, these are the only treatments insurance covers, with the exception of biofeedback in some cases.  The neat thing is, there are not only the conventional therapies, but there are also alternative therapies that have been shown to also help.  There is science to back up what they are doing and more evidence growing as to their effectiveness.  In fact, Joshua was a part of the study last year using the iLs, for example, and improvement was shown in his case.  He also used Bio-Feedback, although only for a month, before we ran out of the COBRA for Microsoft Insurance, and he had improvements in only one month!  There really should be no issue with offering a both/and approach when it comes to autism treatments.  Ideally, insurance should help offset the costs of these treatments, especially as to the unknown origins of autism.  I mean, really, can we afford Social Security Disability Benefits for the 1/50 kids once they are adults?  Wouldn’t we rather have them pay into the system?  We should all be in support of exploring treatments that help kids recover.  That seems like a no brainer to me!

I was recently introduced to a treatment program that I would love to make use of once we have the resources:  The Focus Program, offered here in Coeur d’Alene.  I attended a FOCUS informational meeting put on my Dr. Amy Spoelstra, who did an excellent overview of what may have contributed to the rise in autism rates, which I honestly feel is right on track.  She not only described the problems our kids are facing, but a sensible approach to helping these kids recover:

FOCUS employs chiropractic, nutrition, and neurological integrated movements to restore and rejuvenate proper neurological function and development. The three tools used to effect this change are not utilized in order to mask symptoms over the short term as happens with medications. Instead, FOCUS concentrates on removing neurological interference in the body through chiropractic, eliminating harmful contaminates in our diet that cause inflammation in the brain through nutrition, and restoring proper development through specifically targeted neurological exercises. When these three tools are used in conjunction, we can effectively address the root cause of neurodevelopmental disorders and see true, measurable change.


I would love to see Dr. Amy’s approach going mainstream when it comes to autism treatment.  It takes not only awareness, but action on our parts, in the form of advocacy.   It takes determination and hard work and holding the powers that be to task to ensure our kids are not as heavily exposed to all the toxins that are out there, but also properly treated, not merely medicated, and work toward recovery.

The rate is now 1/50 kids and 1/33 boys.  We can’t wait for the powers that be to figure this out.  My cynical nature in this area tells me that they are more concerned about political contributions, power and profit than what all these toxins are doing to our kids.  It’s time we, as a nation, stand up and take charge of our own kids health care decisions and what they are exposed to on a daily basis.  For example, we are in control of what we buy and allow in our homes, at the very least, we can all start there via the diet, cleaning products, and other environmental toxins.  I’m not sure what it would take for the vaccine schedule or what is put in them to change, but I do know there are folks out there, such as Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute who could certainly use our support in their research.  They, and folks like Dr. Amy are going against the tide and we need to support them in the fight for discovery of what is causing this epidemic and recovery of our kids.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on this topic, as I know there’s much more available and some of the treatments are under more scrutiny than others…My approach with Joshua has always been the “no harm” stance, while at the same time, willing to see what will aide his recovery in the most effective way.  I only wish I had unlimited resources!  There are some programs out there that offer financial assistance, but they can be hard to find.  If anyone knows of any resources, please mention them in the comment section below.   As always, your feedback is welcome!  Thank you!

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