A Peek into Joshua’s School Day

Joshua is blessed to be in a school program for autistic children in our school district and I am so thrilled by the treatment he is receiving.  Colleen, the director of Syringa Family Partnership, went to observe Joshua last Monday so as to see what additional behaviors we can work on while set up with their program.  I enjoyed her description so much, I asked her if she would mind me making a blog post out of it.  She graciously agreed.  The following are now Colleen’s words:
I was able to spend a few hours at [Joshua’s school] today observing Joshua. It was SO MUCH FUN! Of course the schedule was not their typical schedule due to the Thanksgiving Day activities they had going, but it was a pleasure to be there!
First, I saw him sitting in circle time while a teacher was reading a story. Although he was not looking at the book, he was sitting nicely and very well could have been actively listening to the story. Then, he had an activity where he sat at a table and made a Thanksgiving book (hopefully it came home to you). He needed a lot of assistance with the cutting, and his helper said it was the first time she has seen him cut, so that is something that we will put on his objective list! He did a great job coloring and choosing different colors. He was very engaged. I think a fine motor program where we work on coloring in the lines, cutting, etc would be great.
Then he was given a 15 minute break to play with some peers, which was great. He played “along side” of them and did some parallel play, but he did not engage any kids, so that is a great objective too! Then Kelli’s parents came in and played guitar and sang children’s songs for the kids while they ate lunch. It was so awesome and the kids loved it. They typically don’t eat in the classroom but did today just for this reason. Joshua seemed indifferent about the music until after he ate. He ate a wonderful looking lunch (go mom!) and I was shocked at the amount he ate! Growing boy! Then, his mood really perked up, and they sang a song about an elephant and all of the kids started laughing. Joshua got up and danced all over the room and it was the sweetest sight I have ever seen!!
The next day was Joshua’s Parent/Teacher Conference and I sat down with Joshua’s special education teacher and his general education teacher to see how much he’s progressed on his goals since the IEP on October 24th.  For such a short period of time, Joshua has done remarkably well, meeting many objectives set out for him, even surpassing a few!  He’s like a sponge and with all the help he’s receiving, he’s going to continue to improve.  Everyone was quite encouraged and impressed and we are simply blessed by him and the joy that he is to all he meets.
The comments from his two aids are fun to read, too. (Being a home schooling mom, I truly miss having Joshua home and knowing what goes on in his day is such a treat for me!)   On the 16th, Ann, his IBI therapist in the morning mentioned that she and Joshua played “Go Fish” with another friend and he “loved it” and “did very well”!  Paula also noted that “Now Josh is going down the halls saying ‘hi’ to people unprompted.  Out of the blue, while delivering messages, he said, ‘Have a nice weekend!’ to a teacher.  The principal watched him do fact families on the board, then Josh got goofy and ‘fell’ on the floor.  I suspect we won’t be able to keep him quiet soon.”
We are thrilled Joshua is comfortable being himself at school and is getting all the help he can to encourage him to become all that he was created to be.  The team at school, and the one being developed for his home program are each, such amazing people, and we are so grateful for each one’s role in Joshua’s recovery.

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